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The Azeroth Perspective: 101

Class is in Session! Party Time

Nov 21 marks the 10th anniversary. That give you like a week to level to 100… but you have until January 6th to complete EVERYTHING!!!


Diablo III Free stuff:

You only have a few days… but its super easy to enter


Heroes Skins:

Is a Blood Elf Tyrande just WRONG?


Is a staggered release ok for Raiding?

Good bad?

How many world firsts are we really going to have?



You ready for 6.0.2??


Mount you Warlords:

Rare spawns, rep and more ways to get your Mounts on!


Change your face!

You’ll be able to change your face after the model updates.

But what about your skin?


Contest Winners:

All contestants emailed in their entries, and for privacy, their entry wont be shared.

But this is what they are doing for the WoD launch


3rd Place:

Sandra H - Is doing Jaina Cosplay while she camps out.


2nd Place:

Theresa J - Making Beer battered boar ribs, and Stormwind ale!


1 Place:

Leopold M - EPIC pizza order.. and Mntn Dew!



Kristin has a new job, Congrats. But now she is going to have step away from the show.

Kyran has enjoyed all 100 episodes, but because of time limits with family and working from home. Kyran is also stepping away, passing the torch to Jon and Cam.


Show is going on a short pause until Cam and John can get things organized and get the ball rolling!

The Azeroth Perpective: Episode 100

The 100

Happy 100!

We are celebrating our 100th episode this week and to kick things off we’re challenging you to create a video highlighting how you plan to celebrate the much-anticipated release of Warlords of Dreanar. The rules are simple - submit your video through Twitter or Facebook with #tapcast100. The deadline for your video is...September 10! The awards will be handed out during episode 101. Now, for the prizes. Top prize: a mount of your choice from the Blizzard store; second place: audio book of your choice from; third place: Dawn of the Aspects e-book, part one.

Yar, Tis Be Season 6 for Hearthstone

Be sure to reach rank 20 before the end of the month to get the new card back. pirate-card-back New Players Get Free WoW!

Sign up for WoW with a new account and chances are good that you’ll get a month free. See here for more details.

Live Q&A

Tomorrow (September 5) join in for a live Q&A regarding Warlords of Draenor.

Dress Like The Best…

Blizzard Gear Store is having their end of summer sale, with up to 30% off select merchandise. Be sure to check it out before September 8. If the sale isn’t motivation enough, rumors are there are a few new items appearing in the store (like Gurky - BlizzCon 2010’s exclusive pink Murlock plush).

Mr. Williams Is Now a Genie In A Bottle

Looks like Durotar... but hes in Talador.- RobinWilliams New Holiday

The Harvest Festival is getting an update. New items from quest change your looks. Bad news… each item only has one charge.

Question is -  if WoW holidays get stale… then why not real life holidays?

You got Hearthstone in my WoW.

Looks like some Hearthstone toys are coming to the World of Warcaft, but they are just toys :( Wouldn't it be cool to actually play a game in a game? We could with Peggle…

Hearthstone Frostwolf rep

Take a peek at the new toys, mounts and combat items.

Virtual ticket is here

Order yours today for the low low price of just $39.99.

The last of the black Prince…

This is your last chance to get rep from the Black Prince. Is that because 6.0 is coming soon? Either way, it’s on the PTR now…

The Azeroth Perspective: Episode 99

Double The Goblin, Double The Fun

Diablo III Season One

The first season in Diablo III begins this Friday, August 29, 2014. Season challenges include conquests, accomplishments and a seasonal hero.

Double Your Treasure and Double Your Fun!

Now is the time to log on, at least until September 2. 100+ bonus on gold finds, and all Treasure Goblin spawns in the game double. Cameron has made a LOT of money already.

DoubeYourPleasure Blizzard Invades Pax Prime

Live near Seattle? Join other gamers from August 29 to September 1 for 4 epic days of awesomeness at Pax Prime!

PaxInvaision "I'm Qualified For The Job Because I Play WoW"

It seems that some people are including their WoW experience to qualify for jobs. The TAPCAST crew discuss in detail whether this is a good idea or not? Would you list your gaming experience in your resume?

Next Expansion in Progress??

The next expansion is already in the works, with zones in production, according to Tom Chilton. Over the next several months, the WoW team will be deciding between six or seven different ideas for the expansion. Apparently there's easily 10 years worth of ideas for content.

There is differing opinions on when we think the announcement will come out. What do you think? Tweet us @tapcast!

NextExpansionTimChiltonjpg Male Characters Previews Are Available

Do the Night Elves look waxy to you??

NightElves Collectors, This Is For You - Items Soon To Disappear!

Be sure to log on before patch 6.0 because there is a list of items that will soon be extinct. Note to everyone - if you obtain the Ancestral Phoenix Egg, you will receive the other three when patch 6.0 comes out.

Mount Don't Read If You Haven't Read...Warcrimes

New Garrosh short story is out and it does have some spoilers, for those of you who want to read Warcrimes first.

John, how was the football game?? While we missed John, Kristin was back on the show.

The Azeroth Perspective: Episode 98

Join the Chaos (with special guest Alice from the Chaos Portal)

Curse of Naxx - Frostwyrm Lair

The final wing has arrived! (4 quarters, 1 lair Kyran). Sapphiron & Kel’Thuzad fights are intense (but awesome!) Go purchase your Frostwyrm Lair today!

Naxx Diablo 3 - Console Release

Go hunt down Malthael with your friends on the Console! And bring them along with you (via USB) to your friends and game with them! Plus new in-game Play Modes!

WoW UK Subscription Price Increase

The US is coming! UK will be getting a subscription price increase for World of Warcraft - (bummer).

Robin Williams NPC

Look a Genie! Three NPC’s with the name “Robin” are in the Warlords data! A wonderful tribute to Robin Williams.

robinwilliams Last boss of WoD

The last boss has been announced for Warlords of Draenor! Who could it be?! Maybe a specific “Orc”? Who Knows...

The Drake Collector Achievement

You Like Drakes? You like Achievements?! Well get ready folks for this new achievement coming out in WoD! Find out what you get when you complete this feat!

580onyxiandrake New Log-in Screen

Woah! This is one awesome log-in screen. This is just a teaser. Come check it out here!

loginscreen New Character Background Screens

Character background screens updated and they look spectacular!


Thanks again to Alice for coming on the show. If you want to hear more from Alice you can hear her on the Chaos Portal or follow her on Twitter @Socalwowgal.

The Azeroth Perspective: Episode 97

The Release!

WoD Collectors Edition

The WoD Collectors Edition will have all the popular items but comes at a higher price tag - $89.99. Also, those that purchased the digital deluxe version can level up their 90's before those who purchase the Collectors Edition. Is waiting worth it? We think not.

WoDCollectorsItems Release Date for WoD!

A Thursday?! Rather than being released on a Tuesday, as is tradition, WoD will be coming out on November 13. Why the change in date? Your guess is as good as ours.

Mind Blown By WoD Cinematic

O...M...G! What a great cinematic! We couldn't stop talking about it. Seriously, that's half the podcast. If you missed the live feed, check out the video here!

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 11.15.29 AM Gaze of The Black Prince

Between August 12 - 29, Black Prince Rep is increased by 100%. This also increases chances of collecting Secrets, Sigils and Runestones.

Curse of Naxx - Construct Quarter Is Now Open

John completed the Construct Quarter today and informed us that Patchwork is hard...very hard. To succeed you need lots of tanks (if you disagree take it up with John).

New Troll Skins Less Than Feminine

The new troll skins are out and we all agree that the female skins are...just not overly female. Don't get us wrong, they are awesome! What are your thoughts?

femaletroll Patch 6.0.1

We can't tell you when this is coming out but our speculation is the day before the release date of WoD. What's the most exciting thing about the patch? John and Cameron are hyped for the Molten Core... THUNDERFURY!!

Robin Williams To Be Memorialized In WoW

Who knew that Robin Williams played WoW?! Because he was such an avid fan, a petition was sent to Blizzard asking that an NPC be created to memorialize the actor/comedian. It seems that Blizzard already had this in the works. Where do you think you'll meet Robin Williams in WoW? As a Draenei genie, or a cross dressing quest giver?