Class is in Session! Party Time

Nov 21 marks the 10th anniversary. That give you like a week to level to 100… but you have until January 6th to complete EVERYTHING!!!


Diablo III Free stuff:

You only have a few days… but its super easy to enter


Heroes Skins:

Is a Blood Elf Tyrande just WRONG?


Is a staggered release ok for Raiding?

Good bad?

How many world firsts are we really going to have?



You ready for 6.0.2??


Mount you Warlords:

Rare spawns, rep and more ways to get your Mounts on!


Change your face!

You’ll be able to change your face after the model updates.

But what about your skin?


Contest Winners:

All contestants emailed in their entries, and for privacy, their entry wont be shared.

But this is what they are doing for the WoD launch


3rd Place:

Sandra H - Is doing Jaina Cosplay while she camps out.


2nd Place:

Theresa J - Making Beer battered boar ribs, and Stormwind ale!


1 Place:

Leopold M - EPIC pizza order.. and Mntn Dew!



Kristin has a new job, Congrats. But now she is going to have step away from the show.

Kyran has enjoyed all 100 episodes, but because of time limits with family and working from home. Kyran is also stepping away, passing the torch to Jon and Cam.


Show is going on a short pause until Cam and John can get things organized and get the ball rolling!