The 100

Happy 100!

We are celebrating our 100th episode this week and to kick things off we’re challenging you to create a video highlighting how you plan to celebrate the much-anticipated release of Warlords of Dreanar. The rules are simple - submit your video through Twitter or Facebook with #tapcast100. The deadline for your video is...September 10! The awards will be handed out during episode 101. Now, for the prizes. Top prize: a mount of your choice from the Blizzard store; second place: audio book of your choice from; third place: Dawn of the Aspects e-book, part one.

Yar, Tis Be Season 6 for Hearthstone

Be sure to reach rank 20 before the end of the month to get the new card back. pirate-card-back New Players Get Free WoW!

Sign up for WoW with a new account and chances are good that you’ll get a month free. See here for more details.

Live Q&A

Tomorrow (September 5) join in for a live Q&A regarding Warlords of Draenor.

Dress Like The Best…

Blizzard Gear Store is having their end of summer sale, with up to 30% off select merchandise. Be sure to check it out before September 8. If the sale isn’t motivation enough, rumors are there are a few new items appearing in the store (like Gurky - BlizzCon 2010’s exclusive pink Murlock plush).

Mr. Williams Is Now a Genie In A Bottle

Looks like Durotar... but hes in Talador.- RobinWilliams New Holiday

The Harvest Festival is getting an update. New items from quest change your looks. Bad news… each item only has one charge.

Question is -  if WoW holidays get stale… then why not real life holidays?

You got Hearthstone in my WoW.

Looks like some Hearthstone toys are coming to the World of Warcaft, but they are just toys :( Wouldn't it be cool to actually play a game in a game? We could with Peggle…

Hearthstone Frostwolf rep

Take a peek at the new toys, mounts and combat items.

Virtual ticket is here

Order yours today for the low low price of just $39.99.

The last of the black Prince…

This is your last chance to get rep from the Black Prince. Is that because 6.0 is coming soon? Either way, it’s on the PTR now…