Double The Goblin, Double The Fun

Diablo III Season One

The first season in Diablo III begins this Friday, August 29, 2014. Season challenges include conquests, accomplishments and a seasonal hero.

Double Your Treasure and Double Your Fun!

Now is the time to log on, at least until September 2. 100+ bonus on gold finds, and all Treasure Goblin spawns in the game double. Cameron has made a LOT of money already.

DoubeYourPleasure Blizzard Invades Pax Prime

Live near Seattle? Join other gamers from August 29 to September 1 for 4 epic days of awesomeness at Pax Prime!

PaxInvaision "I'm Qualified For The Job Because I Play WoW"

It seems that some people are including their WoW experience to qualify for jobs. The TAPCAST crew discuss in detail whether this is a good idea or not? Would you list your gaming experience in your resume?

Next Expansion in Progress??

The next expansion is already in the works, with zones in production, according to Tom Chilton. Over the next several months, the WoW team will be deciding between six or seven different ideas for the expansion. Apparently there's easily 10 years worth of ideas for content.

There is differing opinions on when we think the announcement will come out. What do you think? Tweet us @tapcast!

NextExpansionTimChiltonjpg Male Characters Previews Are Available

Do the Night Elves look waxy to you??

NightElves Collectors, This Is For You - Items Soon To Disappear!

Be sure to log on before patch 6.0 because there is a list of items that will soon be extinct. Note to everyone - if you obtain the Ancestral Phoenix Egg, you will receive the other three when patch 6.0 comes out.

Mount Don't Read If You Haven't Read...Warcrimes

New Garrosh short story is out and it does have some spoilers, for those of you who want to read Warcrimes first.

John, how was the football game?? While we missed John, Kristin was back on the show.