Join the Chaos (with special guest Alice from the Chaos Portal)

Curse of Naxx - Frostwyrm Lair

The final wing has arrived! (4 quarters, 1 lair Kyran). Sapphiron & Kel’Thuzad fights are intense (but awesome!) Go purchase your Frostwyrm Lair today!

Naxx Diablo 3 - Console Release

Go hunt down Malthael with your friends on the Console! And bring them along with you (via USB) to your friends and game with them! Plus new in-game Play Modes!

WoW UK Subscription Price Increase

The US is coming! UK will be getting a subscription price increase for World of Warcraft - (bummer).

Robin Williams NPC

Look a Genie! Three NPC’s with the name “Robin” are in the Warlords data! A wonderful tribute to Robin Williams.

robinwilliams Last boss of WoD

The last boss has been announced for Warlords of Draenor! Who could it be?! Maybe a specific “Orc”? Who Knows...

The Drake Collector Achievement

You Like Drakes? You like Achievements?! Well get ready folks for this new achievement coming out in WoD! Find out what you get when you complete this feat!

580onyxiandrake New Log-in Screen

Woah! This is one awesome log-in screen. This is just a teaser. Come check it out here!

loginscreen New Character Background Screens

Character background screens updated and they look spectacular!


Thanks again to Alice for coming on the show. If you want to hear more from Alice you can hear her on the Chaos Portal or follow her on Twitter @Socalwowgal.