The Release!

WoD Collectors Edition

The WoD Collectors Edition will have all the popular items but comes at a higher price tag - $89.99. Also, those that purchased the digital deluxe version can level up their 90's before those who purchase the Collectors Edition. Is waiting worth it? We think not.

WoDCollectorsItems Release Date for WoD!

A Thursday?! Rather than being released on a Tuesday, as is tradition, WoD will be coming out on November 13. Why the change in date? Your guess is as good as ours.

Mind Blown By WoD Cinematic

O...M...G! What a great cinematic! We couldn't stop talking about it. Seriously, that's half the podcast. If you missed the live feed, check out the video here!

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 11.15.29 AM Gaze of The Black Prince

Between August 12 - 29, Black Prince Rep is increased by 100%. This also increases chances of collecting Secrets, Sigils and Runestones.

Curse of Naxx - Construct Quarter Is Now Open

John completed the Construct Quarter today and informed us that Patchwork is hard...very hard. To succeed you need lots of tanks (if you disagree take it up with John).

New Troll Skins Less Than Feminine

The new troll skins are out and we all agree that the female skins are...just not overly female. Don't get us wrong, they are awesome! What are your thoughts?

femaletroll Patch 6.0.1

We can't tell you when this is coming out but our speculation is the day before the release date of WoD. What's the most exciting thing about the patch? John and Cameron are hyped for the Molten Core... THUNDERFURY!!

Robin Williams To Be Memorialized In WoW

Who knew that Robin Williams played WoW?! Because he was such an avid fan, a petition was sent to Blizzard asking that an NPC be created to memorialize the actor/comedian. It seems that Blizzard already had this in the works. Where do you think you'll meet Robin Williams in WoW? As a Draenei genie, or a cross dressing quest giver?