They Are Back!

This week everyone is back!!

New to Naxx?

The show starts off talking Naxx. John's been playing both of the new wings, and gives his thoughts on the way the boss mechanics have translated to the card version.

Plus, Kristin and John argue with Kyran about using a guide for the Naxx Heroics.

Get Your Valorous on AGAIN

ValourBuffAugust Elite WoD Gaming Headset

Pillows on your ears but according to Kristin that's not the best part - it's the SURROUND SOUND!! However, these beauties will lighten your wallet by about $200.

steelseriesheadset The Alliance Chopper

Should have made bets, cause it's coming… in WoD and will cost a LOT of gold.

AllianceChopper Wow Loses Subs :(

And it doesn't seem like they are coming back. Check out this nifty chart

Announcement of An Announcement… Announced

So remember that strange panel at Gamescon? Well looks like we are getting the WoD cinematic and a release date announcement. Then we proceed to guess when the game will be out… AGAIN.

warlords+live+stream+event Let's Do The Time Warp Again!

Tarren Mill rematch! and the 10 year reunion will see a new Molten Core. Plus, now we know where we will be getting our Corgi from.

New Hunter Pets

Hunters are excited for Clefhooves and TALBUKS.


We hope to see some nods to BC here.