Then There Was One

Happy 4th Birthday to SCII

Starcraft II will be reaching its 4th anniversary on July 27 and to celebrate for the occasion, there are celebratory content and experiences for you. Get ready to get your party on!

The Ultimate Evil Edition Digital Pre-Orders Now Open

Prepare your living rooms because the end is near. Pre-order now!

WoD is at Games Come

Get ready for some entertainment, insight and free loot.

What do you get from you Employer?

The Service Award ceremonies have been a Blizzard tradition since 1996. Some of the awards for employees include a sword after 5 years of service, and a shield for 10 years. Would you work at Blizzard for these awards?

20yearhelm-2 No New Skins for BE’s

Blood Elves are not going to get their “second” update till after WoD is released… lets be honest, they got their update in TBC!

New Cat Form

Kyran goes down a quick rabbit hole about the Druids of the Scythe and the Pack Form.

Have We Learned Nothing From the Scythe of Elune?

Let's be honest, they look kind of dumb. Check it out for yourself.

The New Naxx Wing Is Out!

The Plague Quarter is now open, which houses some of the most "catchy" bosses... Each week a new quarter will open to players. There are a total of 5 quarters and one lair. Are you playing them now, or waiting until they all come out?

Naxx Cards To Tag or Not To Tag

Do you agree or disagree?


Many gamers are complaining about the Beta faces. Do you think they need more?

Thanks again to Chaos Portal. Check out the episode Cameron and Kyran were on!