Dem Female Tauren

Warcraft Movie Logo:

Warcraft movie logo is released and it looks "futuristic"! It looks like it's part of a cinimatic. Possible WoD logo change?!

wcMovieLogo Curse of Naxxtamas is Now Live!

First wing is available for free until July 29, 2014. Each wing will cost $6.99 (or 700 gold). Heroic mode is HARD along with class challenges! The undead horrors of Naxxramas awaits...

Azeroth Chopper!

Now until September 30, 2014, if you sign into your WoW account, you will be flagged to receive a free Horde Chopper mount. Only Horde players will be able to ride this mount. Will this be permanent for only horde, or eventually for everyone? Get to your Choppa!

Azeroth Chopper Iron Skyreaver - 40% off!

Until July 29, 2014, get your Iron Skyreaver for 40% off! Master this new ride!

Warlords Beta: New zones, level cap to 100

Realm names are being changed: (leveling realms and PvP realms) and there are two new zones: Nagrand and Spires of Arak. LVL 100!!! Beta time!

Moo Chica Moo Moo! Female Tauren: New Skin

Are these beautiful bovines too sexy for you? 10/10 skin approval! Facial expressions are FTW!

MooChickaMooMoo Hyper-Sexual Orcs May Get More Clothing?!

Women don’t think they can play female characters because they get heckled. Do you think that female characters should be more clothed or are people just over-hyping this? What’s your opinion?

Check out the Chaos Portal Podcast tomorrow (25 July 2014) as Kyran and Cameron will be joining the Chaos Portal Crew on their podcast at 8pm Central Daylight Time. Check Us Out!