Are you Sorry?

Meeting Stones... GONE:

Blizzard is taking away the Blizzcon Meeting Stone, instead putting more in. The Stone is being removed because it was too congested for any conversation so they are encouraging people to set up meetings on their own. Could it be that they’re summoning in too many people in without tickets?


Mike Morhaime is sorry:

Do you think there is equal representation between female and male characters in Blizzard Games. Some lady players found Blizzard’s April Fools Joke offensive and Mike Morhaime personally apologized. Then Kyran and Kristin get into a heated discussion regarding women's rights….


Naxx release date:

Naxx will be here in less than a week! How will you be paying for it? Gold or RL Cash?


The Black Prince is back:

Legendary cloak, the gaze is back… Ever notice that spell effect is designed after the Celestials? Plus John shares the BEST place to farm rep… Heres a video. ;)


A books release date:

Now Chapters (a Canadian book store chain) is saying the WoD guide is coming on the 2nd of September…. Does that change our WoD release predictions?


Wow adds another addon.. STOCK:

John gets excited about the “Sherlocked”  addon OmniCC in WoD.


Two new previews:

Which new zone are you more excited about?



Comparing the world:

Then we talk about old and new Outlands/Dreanor compared.. IN A VIDEO!!!

And you can hear Kyran and Kristins son screaming through the whole show!