How will you pay for Naxx?

This week on the show:

Had some technical problems off the start:

The wow website seeemed to be down, but everything is good now!

Naxx Uncovered:

We start to cover the new Naxx pricing but pause to go over what Naxx was…(Like Vanilla Wow)

  • All five wings: $24.99

  • Already own first wing (purchase remaining four): $19.99

  • Already own first two wings (purchase remaining three): $14.99

  • Already own first three wings (purchase remaining two): $9.99

Plus Players who begin their adventures in Naxxramas during the launch event will gain free access to the first wing: the Arachnid Quarter.”

Undermine Journal is closing it’s doors:

Looks like, unless the Undermine Journal can find a new server host… The doors will close at the end of July… [click here for more].

Upper Blackrock gets a facelift:

Sounds like the new Upperblackrock will have a few easter egg.. or two.

Take a peek a thte new UBRS

Speculating on a release date….

Brady Games has been releasing players guides for WOW since the start… and we now have a release date for the WoD Players guide….. [You may need to translate this one]

John questions if we’ve ever had a game released before Blizzcon like this before!

SAVE YOUR MONEY… New iPhones and WoD in Septemeber!!!


Beta Bob helps you make the most out of you Beta testing… Well not really. But its a cool video.

The WoD vignette:

Its like a quest… but its not a rare spawn? The new vignette are kinda like mini encounters.

If you are in the BETA, Make sure your reporting bugs:

John put it nicely…”this is a beta, not early access”

Or else Tanks will be over powered...