Lots to talk about on the first day of Blizzcon 2013

New expansion announced - Warlords of Dreanor
Plenty of new and exciting things with the expansion. One thing that is very unclear is whether the past comes to the present or if you have to go to the past. 

Characters get a facelift
Blizzard received a lot of comments about how Pandas' looked more realistic and that the other characters needed updating. Needless to say, the examples that were shown of the updated characters are AMAZING! 

New zones in Warlords of Dreanor
Designers have stepped it up a notch with the new zones. Frostfire, for example, is exactly how it sounds - snow and volcanoes. Epic graphics!

Instant Level 90
Blizzard, to encourage new players, will grant those who purchase the Warlords of Dreanor expansion ONE level 90. This could get interesting...