Blizzard DOTA receives another name change
From Blizzard DOTA to Blizzard Allstars, to... 

Get your game plan on - for Blizzcon 
If you want to plan out your Blizzcon blitz, Blizzard has released the schedule and floor plan

New recruit-a-friend mount

World of Warcraft box set gets a new addition
Welcome Cataclysm!

New realm connections are underway 

Razer signs first pro Hearthstone Player
Congrats to Jeffery Shih

Kristin and Kyran are looking to start new characters to play together - that are the same class. Tell us what you think we should play (remember that Kristin prefers ranged DPS) on Twitter @TAPCAST.

Lastly, Kyran recommends The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, by Suzanne Collins. This is a great book and you still have time to listen to it before the movie is released!