Blizzard movie will be released in December 18.... 2015.

Blizzcon goodies have been announced and of course, there's a Murloc! 

World first... on the Asian servers

Method has achieved World First on US servers for 25 man (Kristin was correct!)

Siege of Orgrimmar The Underhold (wing three) is now open  

Blizzard desktop launcher now available

Cloud serpent riding to remain pre-character  

Uldum guilds unite in breast cancer awareness month

TAPCAST contest ends next week, October 10, 2013. We still have lots of prizes to give away so be sure to join us on Facebook or Twitter (@TAPCAST) and give us your feedback. Make sure you hashtag #TAPCAST. Prizes include:

-a Wow battlechest
-World of Warcraft game time or Bloodsworn Graphic Novel (Kindle Edition)
-Cosmetic helm from the Blizzard store
-Xbox avitar shirts 
-In-game pets 

Lastly, Kyran recommended the book Dude, Your Going To Be A Dad. If you're going to be  or thinking of being a dad, this is a great book with plenty of humour.