Yes we are BACK!!!!

Episode 48- Back in the saddle

We are trying some new things and even some new people have joined the show.

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce the newest member of The Azeroth Perspective Kristin Mountain!

Take a peek at her first episode, and be gentle. It's her first time (plus we were sharing a mic, and I was hogging it)

This week on the show we talk about:

An announcement RIGHT before the D3 release for consoles. 

Sweet new Jinx cloths (click the side banner, help us out and take a peak for yourself!) 

Whats left for Blizzcon? 

Patch 5.4 is coming Sept 10th

Flex Raiding? 

Hearthstone is now in Closed Beta

But you could enter their Facebook Sweepstakes!! 

Is this the End of the Wow TCG?... Yep! 

And Abyssal Maw and the Dance studio are STILL on the way!!! 

This weeks Audio book was picked out by our new co-host Kirstin (so she takes ALL the blame if you LOVE IT!!!)

 Nora Roberts - Whiskey Beach

Guess its about a gentleman who is accused of killing his ex-wife, then escapes to his home town of Whiskey beach... where he meets "someone"... and eventually something catches up to him. 

But I could have that ALL wrong. 

Get it FREE right now from Audible

Oh and Cause we said we would..