This week on the show we talked about:

Account Security

Historically, with a release of a new game, there tends to be an increase in reports of account thefts, and the same is true for Diablo III. There are several ways to protect your account, all of which can be found at

For more information on the:

If you do get your account hacked, don’t be ashamed. Apparently, the former head of Blizzard Customer Service had his account compromised. If you do find that your account has been compromised, head to the "Help! I've Been Hacked!"

Diablo III Release Number

See Blizzards official press release.

Arthas is Attacking Orgimmar?

Was Arthas attaching Orgimmar? Nope, just a glitch.

New Mobile Armory

If you pay for the new Mobile Armory there are several worth while features including the ability to receive texts messages from your guidies straight to your phone; high resolution art work; see what faction own Tol Barad or Wintergrasp.

Butt Load of Mounts

Several new mounts in the beta including:

Great Riding Turtles

Normal Riding Turtles


 The Water Strider, is currently only sold in game by the Anglers faction. It requires exalted reputation and costs 5,000 gold before discounts.



Water Strider


New Loading Screen

 New loading screen tips include:

  • The thank role focuses on controlling enemy creatures during group play. Tanks sacrifice high damage for high survivability.

  • The healer role focuses on keeping themselves and other members of the group alive.

  • The damage role (sometimes called DPS) focuses on defeating the enemy. Damage dealers are supported by tanks and healers.