Azeroth News:
Not so Warcraft related, but don't forget that next week marks the launch of Diablo 3. Hope you know what your doing launch night. I'm sure the servers will be hit hard whenever the clock switches over to the 15th.
Since our last post, the annual pass has closed and the world PVP passes (what are they called again) have started up.

Plus don't forget about the new tool that will allow you regain recently "lost", sold or disenchanted items. Just remember the recently part. Though some have thought this would allow you to regain your lost dungeon Teir set (or other old sets). Unless you've cleared it out in (seems to be the last 30 days) you won't be retrieving it any time soon.

Now Playing:
Now with the 20% nerf to Dragon Soul, how much further are you going in the quest kill Deathwing? Personally, in the "Group 2" team I've recently joined. We were able to FINALLY finish off Madness. Most weeks we would finish the week on Blackthorn or Spine.

This week also marked the start of the Darkmoon fair again. Make sure that, if you are trying to max out a progression. That you take advantage of the +5 to skill quests that the fair has to offer. One strategy is to wait for a particularly difficult part of the trade grind. But more importantly, don't forget to take advantage of the free skill levels before the week is through.

Behind The Mist:
Since the last post lots has been added to the beta, and some has even been taken away.
Of those things to be added only to be removed was the pet battle system. Blizzard has said that it was simply not ready yet.
Also seems like blizzard is hinting at, yes Warlocks will be getting green fire.
The log in screen music has come out, along with what looks to be a early version of a Pandaren child (funny how it came out DURING children's week).

That's it for this week, I hope to have these up at least every to weeks. But the goal is once a week for sure.
Thanks for checking us out.