Have you got your beta invite yet?

I know a few people that have signed up for the annual pass and are still waiting patiently by their emails.

For those of you that are just itching to get in, just chill out, ask anyone who has gotten to try it out. It really does feel like an Alpha, and not so much a Beta. There is a lot of work to still to be done, and Im sure (if you've signed up for the annual pass) you will see the Mist of Panarea before we even hear of a release date.... But I could be wrong.

So far I've seen a few things wrong with quests and most of them have been fixed. But first lets talk about what currently LIVE in the game.

Whats Live:

As of today, we are now playing World of Warcraft Patch or just 4.3.4. In this version of the game.

They say it allows you to communicate with people via your battle tag. But you dont have a BattleTag yet? Dont worry bout it.

I was testing it out tonight and you can be on anything really and talk to your Real ID friends playing any game (I was on my Diablo 3 beta talking to people playing Starcraft and WoW). Some people are making a big stink that you cant add people via Battle Tag yet (in wow). But if you ask me, its not going to become a cool feature until you want to play with some stranger and all their Diablo toons.

When it comes down to it, if they are close enough friends, add them on Real ID, if not. Well just add their wow toons. Again, this is until Diablo 3 drops, then it will become: know them in real life? real ID, If not: get their battle tag.

Behind the Mist:

Looks like Blizz has fixed the strange pink boxes that have been freaking people out. (by the way if you are experiencing them, Just drop your view distance setting to good in the options pain). Quick side not before we move on, the glyphed travel form is making the same sound as before...Yah, Stag that sounds like a CAT! (theres a joke in there somewhere)

New looting graphics. (that little box with the Need, Greed, Disenchant and Pass.)

Just finished a temple of the Jade Serpent run, and I'll say I like the lay out, not to many adds. Plus the bosses feel unique. NOTHING like the mind blowing mechanics from the three Hour of Twilight Heroics. (the final fight in End time is hands down the coolest fight ever) But still fun, didn't really have to know the mechanics to be able to beat the boss, but thats ok from the first instance in a new expansion.

From what I can see Blizzard has removed the Mailbox from the Pandaren starting Zone. Not sure if this is cause people were sending the pandaren stuff from, say a horde toon, then when it cam time to, choosing alliance. Thus allowing you to move items cross faction with very little overhead. Or is it to prevent beta testers (myself) from giving their fresh Pandaren, Heirlooms. Either way there are no longer mailboxes on the Panda's Turtle, at least not where they used to be. My only real complaint is, I'd like to delete some of the Pandaren I have made (I had some idea that Female Pandaren were doing more dps than Males. Made way to many toons of each class and gender to test it. Now I'm stuck with a full page and cant delete any of them) But this is something Im sure will change before the game ships.

More to come from The Azeroth Perspective in the coming weeks.

But for now PLEASE check us out on Twitter @Tapcast

And we hope to get some audio up sooner, rather than later.