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Podcast SMARTER Co-Founder

and Audio Engineer

Audio is my passion and that’s why I started Podcast SMARTER. While attending the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, I fell in love with audio production and also found another passion – podcasting. Bringing my skills and passions together, along with my experience in the radio industry, I help people produce the best podcast possible. Whether you’re interested in doing a podcast as a hobby, or to sell a product/service, professional audio is key to getting and maintaining listeners. I am well versed when it comes podcasting equipment, including microphones, audio interfaces, hosting services, computer software, and I love to geek out on that type of thing. If you have any questions regarding audio or podcasting, I would love to hear from you! Did I mention that I started Podcast SMARTER with my lovely wife Kristin?


Podcast SMARTER Co-Founder

and Communications Specialist

While Kyran has the audio side covered, I help with the content side of podcasts. With a degree in Marketing and Communications including more than a decade of experience, I love to talk strategy, especially when it comes to getting your podcast discovered and shared. I am also the person that writes, edits and sometimes posts your show notes. I have also been known, on occasion, to provide voicing talent to a podcast here or there. I am fortunate to work with my husband Kyran on this venture, which makes for a unique dynamic because we like to meet with clients together and are great at passing ideas back and forth while at the dinner table. If you’re looking for an all-in-one podcasting service, we would love to hear from you to talk about audio and strategies.


Grayson Mountain

Director of Play Time

and The Real Boss

I may not know how to type just yet, but you should see me behind a keyboard!

I enjoy keeping these two on their toes, and each day I am learning something new. So far my favourite things in life are playing with Daddy's microphones, cheese and Batman.

I am growing each and every day and before you know it, I'll need a new photo for this bio.